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    Grazing Naturally regenerates soil life using animals and natural wild grazing patterns
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Grazing Naturally regenerates soil life using animals and natural wild grazing patterns. Soil depth and structure is improved with the sequestration of Carbon in the form of Humus.

Green vigorous living plants managed by grazing animals in a Grazing Naturally pattern of use sequester Soil Carbon into Humus to build soil structure in an age old natural process. Humus, a carbon based compound created by soil biota from animal dung and root exudates at depth, holds mineral particles apart creating 'space' in the soil. Improved structure allows soil to capture and hold more water for longer. Keeping plants green and youthful drives the flow of liquid carbon into the soil to feed the soil building biological community.
This makes Grazing Naturally more profitable as animal performance is better on younger vigorous plants.

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Some Facts

"Nature works
in patterns and wholes"
Jan Smuts
"Change = Change.
Change the pattern,
'Function', and you
change the whole,
Dick Richardson
Keeping grass plants
in a youthful growth
phase, as Dick's method
does, drives root exudate
production and therefore
humus creation
Dr Christine Jones

word from Dick Richardson

‘Grazing Naturally’ works with nature’s own principle of form follows function. Developing vibrant, grazing based ecological communities, using natural grazing patterns.

Dick Richardson

Managing Director of Grazing Naturally

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