Sally Mildner


Sally has both a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and International Development and completed the RCS Grazing for Profit course in 2014. Her interest in agriculture began on the 11,000 acre family farm, located on the Macquarie River flood plain north of Warren NSW. As a cell grazing property, it has been managed holistically for the past 20 years with a focus on increasing perennial pastures using grazing management techniques. 

Since graduating from university in 2014, Sally has worked on multiple sheep and cattle breeding/ trading properties throughout NSW and Victoria, whilst also assisting Dick with the management of Margan Pastoral company at Boorowa, NSW. 

Sally has worked along side Dick at since 2015; assisting in teaching grazing principles, techniques to determine feed on offer, pasture observation and monitoring techniques.

During this time Sally has used the Maia grazing program extensively and now assists fellow graziers with the Grazing Naturally method, managing stocking rate to carrying capacity, planning feed scenarios and mitigating risk.

Our Team

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Dick Richardson

Dick Richardson is an internationally recognised leader in the practice of natural grazing to improve soil depth and health, water retention, increased biodiversity and animal production.

Ian Little

Ian Little is an environmental scientist and a Grazing Naturally support person. He works in mine rehabilitation and with Terrain NRM in the wet tropics of Queensland Australia. His main work is in erosion remediation and more importantly in the prevention of erosion through the enhancement of the water cycle using the 'Grazing naturally' Method. Ian is based on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

Sally Mildner

Sally Mildner has been working with Dick Richardson since 2015. She has worked on various properties in NSW using the 'Grazing Naturally' method and managed others in tandem with Dick Richardson. Sally is part of Dick Richardson's program of developing the next generation of educators and consultants in the Australian landscape. Sally comes off the land and gained much experience on the family properties near Warren in NSW where her forward thinking parents Rod and Kate Mildner also work with Grazing Naturally. Sally has a degree in Ag Science and international development from LaTrobe University Melbourne. She is key in the support team with the use of MaiaGrazing.


Grazing Naturally supports the use of the MaiaGrazing software to integrate livestock and grass inventories. MaiaGrazing is used in the training and as the main vehicle for grazing management decision support. Graziers need to be able to assess the effects of feed availability on carrying capacity so that stocking rates can be matched to available feed and economic returns maintained from good stock performance.

MaiaGrazing is currently unsurpassed as a tool for organising livestock numbers, mobs, feed demand and forage assessments to match stocking rate to carrying capacity. In addition, grazing planning, monitoring and control is made simple and user friendly. The grazing chart, trend lines and rainfall analysis are utilised in forecast scenarios with MaiaGrazing, making this the ultimate tool for risk assessment and decision making.

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